This wasn't suppose to happen to me

This kind of thing only happens to other people, right?

Me in a Nutshell

Hi there! 
I am a 50 year old male from the St. Louis Missouri area who had a heck of a 2018.  If you are on this page, you can probably relate. 

I was "Whippled" on April 3, 2018.  I call it my second birthday and the rebirth of a new me. 

Prior to the surgery I  called myself "the healthiest sick person you will ever meet" when asked how I was feeling.  I had no symptoms once my original bout of pancreatitis cleared.

Life sometimes has a different plan.

My goal for this is in part to just put out to the the universe some of my triumphs and fears. I never forget I am blessed beyond words, but the human side of me still fears the unknown at times.

I hope that you find some comfort in the things discussed and it helps you on your journey. Say Hi, Email me

Whipple Quick Stats

  1. Named for Dr. Allen Whipple, American Surgeon
  2. May lose 5-10% of body weight
  3. Operation first  performed in 1935
  4. Typically operation takes 8-10 hours to complete
  5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was "Whippled" in 2009
  6. Hospital recovery is usually 7-14 days

  • Do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.- Dylan Thomas
  • Why do I want to show strangers my scar all the time? - Ron May