First Colonoscopy

Posted on November 30, 2020

I had my first colonoscopy today! The prep was horrible (I don’t remember it being that difficult for my Whipple – Maybe I was so stressed I did not notice?) I was also stressed because of the fact I had some blood in my stool earlier in the month – So increase the anxiety! Great news – removed two small non cancerous polyps and found a small abrasion that created the blood loss. Ok, that is a lot of information about me. I just want to let you know, it is normal to be stressed and nervous about your health. The problem is when we let that anxiety overtake our lives and keep us from enjoying the moments we have.

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  • Stacey Strugnell
    March 10, 2021 (6:02 pm)

    Thank you for posting your story .Am happy that you came through it all with a minimum of complications. It gives me hope. I had a large IPMN cyst in the uncinate process and head of pancreas discovered incidentally 6 years ago. No symptoms . Healthy. Lots of scans – I relate to your scanxiety story well. In Oct my MRCP results showed the MPD was dilated at 9mm now . Time for the Whipple. I had another scan yesterday and see surgeon tomorrow to decide dates etc. He wants a colonoscopy prior to surgery – so I can avoid that for another 5 years I guess. Your blog is the first ‘journey’ I have followed – would love to hear more about pain control and also the eating journey . How exactly do you know how much, when and what foods you can handle? I am reluctant to ask questions on the FB site as some replies are very negative. I understand folks need to vent but some days after reading the posts I am ‘over the edge’ – thank you for sharing and being so positive .

    • admin
      April 27, 2021 (2:16 am)

      Hi Stacey, I am sorry I did not see this. (Unfortunately, I get a ton of spam messages so I did not see your post) I eat whatever I want for the most part. I stay away from “heavy foods” – Fried and such because they tend to make me feel not 100%. When I first came home from my surgery I tried just about everything I ate before my Whipple to see how I handled different foods. I actually could not do the protein shakes, they upset my stomach too much. I did like the cheap little cans of ravioli for some reason. I did not take the really powerful pain killers, I choose to do the milder version and for the most part I was fine. If you ever have any questions about the Whipple, I will be happy to try to share any knowledge I have. Best of luck and looking forward to hearing about your recovery. (You will have to share your story on the site for others)

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