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2019 Triathlon!

Last year prior to being diagnosed, I had signed up for a local triathlon. Those plans of course changed with my Whipple Surgery. I made it a goal that if I was healthy enough to do it the following year, I would. By God's blessing I was healthy enough to compete in it this year. Now, I am not saying I was in any decent type of shape, but I was there. I ...

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One Year Scan

I had my one year scan today. The great thing about my appointments - they give me my results within one hour, so no waiting period. Everything was where it should be and my healing was perfect. My doctor has decided not to see me for 9 months now instead of 6. Blessed!

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One Year!

365 days is a long time.  365 days is a blink.  Today marks a huge date in my life thus far.  Surgery and recovery from something that was without a doubt the scariest experience I have dealt with in my life.  Every morning when I take my dogs out I give thanks for the sunrise. This was the sunrise this morning.  Self awareness of mortality ...

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