Posted on May 30, 2018

I have decided to copy/paste my first FaceBook post after my surgery. It sums up my feelings at the time and how grateful I still am.

Warning: This will be long!  I decided not to post anything public before now because I did not know the outcome of my diagnosis.

First I want to publicly thank everyone who prayed or gave encouraging words to me during the last few months.  Many of you I have never met, but it still meant more than you know when I read your posts of encouragement.  I have been humbled by the concern shown to myself and my family.  Thank you!  This has been a crazy rollercoaster ride (not a fan as Kelly is aware) but hopefully the twists and turns are over with no future surprises.  I want to thank everyone involved in my recovery, thus the long post.

God:  Thank you for your presence and healing during this portion of my life.  I have always been a Christian, but never really wore it on my sleeve as they say.  I always believed but was also looking for evidence of God in the world.  When I was first diagnosed, I did what everyone does: I prayed to God to help me out of fear.  As the weeks passed and appointments took over I felt overwhelmed and needed help.  I asked God to please just comfort me until my surgery.  The next day I felt more relaxed and able to cope.  After my surgery I received initial news of cancer being present.  I was crushed and afraid.  I asked God to heal me.  I did not cut any corners- I just asked to be healed.  I visited my doctor and he stated that the diagnosis was changed and the pathologists confirmed there was no cancer present.  To have a world famous hospital go from saying you have cancer – then suddenly after a week stating that you do not have cancer is a miracle and I am grateful beyond words.  God healed me.  Some may agree with me, some may not.  I know how I feel and there is nothing but praise.  Thank you.

Kelly May : You have proven to me before this medical crisis that the best decision I have made was almost eight years ago when we married.  This experience just reinforced that!  Thank you Kelly:  For taking care of me, supporting me and giving me a kick in the butt from time to time during this.  My wife was able to get me into the leading East Coast pancreatic cancer expert at Johns Hopkins Hospital for a second opinion after just a few phone calls. My wife stayed with me night after night in the hospital just so if I needed my feet covered up, she would be there to do it.  My wife made sure my medication was given to me on time according to her white board schedule.  I use to joke that when I was old she would never want to take care of me, I was wrong.  I am already old and she does take care of me.  I love you Mrs. May.  Thank you.

My Kids (Nick,Emily and Luke): You guys mean everything to me.  You have given me the chance to watch you grow and become the young people you are today.  I see myself in you from time to time – I know, scary.  You have given a guy that never had children the gift of being involved in your life and growth.  Thank you for every holiday, birthday and school event that I have been able to attend.  I love you.  Thank you.

Don and Patty McReynolds :  I have been blessed to have two of the most supportive in laws.  Since day one they have been nothing but an example of parents sacrificing to help their children even after they are grown and out of the house.  I have enjoyed every vacation and lake trip we have taken.  Thank you for always stepping up to help out with whatever is needed.  Don, thank you for staying with me in the hospital.  My father in law is 6’ 2” and slept on a couch made for someone 5’ 10” for three nights to make sure if I needed water he was there to get it for me.  I am just glad it never came down to me needing help with the shower while he was there.  I love you guys.  Thank you.

Tom/Fern and Julie Boker: I want to thank you guys for giving a young teenage kid a place to live until he figured out the next move.  I have never forgotten your help and I want to thank you.

Monroe/Wilson Family:  I want to thank you guys for giving a single guy and place to visit every holiday and enjoy a meal with friends. From the first time Aunt Mitzi put a red nose on me at Christmas to make me feel welcome until even recently with your visits and cards I have always been grateful for all of you.  I love you guys.  Thank you.

Sykes Family: You guys hopefully know how I feel about each one of you.  I have been blessed to be accepted into a strong family.  I have no words to state how I feel towards you besides I love each one of you.  Thank you Mom Sykes and Big G for being there for me when I needed a helping hand.  You are real examples of Christian love and I hopefully will continue to learn from you.  I love you.  Thank you.

GC Park,Wildfire,Geo Co-workers: Past and present work friends – Thank you for all of the kind and supportive cards and messages.  I am glad that all of you have been a part of my life journey and have helped shape me as a person.  Thank you!

Friends: I want to thank all of you for your thoughts.  I appreciate all of you.  Thank you to the Harrison family for all of your love.  Thank you to my golf buddies at Arlington for your jokes and prayers. Thank you.

Siteman Cancer Center: I want to thank you for saving my life.  Without your knowledge and expert surgical skills, I would not be around beyond the next year.  I want to thank Alton Memorial Hospital for sending me to you after my first scan.  Thank you Dr. Strausberg! 

Gus and Charlie May: People may not understand how people can treat pets like children.  I do know this, you two boys gave me comfort and a smile every single day while I was going thru this ordeal.  Coming into the house to you always put a smile on my face and made me laugh.  You are my boys now and forever!  I love you.  Thank you.

I have so many people to thank and I know I can list so many more.  Thank you to all of my church family and friends for your support.  I want to thank my brothers and sisters for being a part of my life journey and helping me at this point in my life.  Dawn – thank you so much for staying with Kelly on the day of my surgery!  I want to thank all of the people on the Whipple Warriors page for giving us answers and hope.  Bill, Lorraine Stephen and Jen – Thank you!  I am beyond humbled by this experience.  Life is short and all of the things we think are so important are not if we really give thought to it.  Enjoy each day for it is a gift!

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