One Year!

Posted on April 3, 2019

365 days is a long time.  365 days is a blink.  Today marks a huge date in my life thus far.  Surgery and recovery from something that was without a doubt the scariest experience I have dealt with in my life.  Every morning when I take my dogs out I give thanks for the sunrise. This was the sunrise this morning.  Self awareness of mortality is what separates us from most things.  I am grateful for the daily opportunity that I am blessed to have.  I will alway be nervous every six months, but that is a better than fair trade.  What I have continued to believe is that I need to strive to be a better person daily and not to waste the gift of life.  I am human and still have shortcomings.  I am excited to work on those daily to become the person I wish to be.  Today is my New Years: so here are my resolutions- I want to truly listen with an open mind to people when they talk to me, even if I disagree with every word they say at the start of the conversation.  I want to volunteer in my community.  I want to start a community project (dog park??).  I may want to start a business on a small scale and see if it has legs to grow.  Who knows maybe write a book or run for a office that no one else wants because it doesn’t pay😃 I am so grateful for my life and even before all my medical issues I have had opportunities and experiences that others are not lucky enough to enjoy. Blessed!

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