2nd Whippleversary!

Posted on April 4, 2020

Yesterday was my 2 year “Whippleversary”. I can not believe 730 days have already passed since I woke up to a nurses voice saying “Mr. May”. I remember the first thing I thought was hoping the surgery was a success. My recovery has been more than anyone can possibly hope for: No cancer, no chronic pain issues and no real restrictions. I belong to a Facebook Whipple survivor group. Usually people will put a message out there on the date of their Whippleversary to celebrate. I did not put my message on there. I am not ungrateful nor am I taking anything for granted, trust me! I read about a lot of real pain on that page, with people having different recovery results than I have experienced. I felt like maybe it would be upsetting for someone who is struggling to see another person continue to post about how wonderful their recovery process has been. I slept on it and decided that everyday is a true celebration that should be talked about. I hope and trust that people want to see stories of recovery – so going forward I will shout it from the rooftop and write about life beyond the surgery – Happy Whippleversary to me!

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